Hi, my name is Deb

I am a developer.

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I build, customize, update and maintain WordPress sites. I have extensive experience in CSS, HTML, PHP & WordPress



I currently lecture at Friends Of Design College in Cape Town, teaching full time & part time students WordPress & PHP.


Beginner WordPress Workshops

With CTFEDs I put on bi-monthly Beginner WordPress Workshops. Take a look at my blog to see when the next one will be held.

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Part-Time Living Room DJ

Every so often I dust off the headphones and put some awesome tunage together. Check out my mixcloud page to listen.

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Fun Facts About Me

I have visited 15 Countries

I Was A DJ In London For 5yrs

I’ve Always Wanted My Own Radio Station

I Like Climbing Mountains



Previous to May 2014

Various Technical Sales Positions

Local & International

Before embarking on a full-time freelance career, I worked at various different companies locally and internationally. These included Snapplify, BrandsEye & Symantec.

May 2014 – Current

Part-Time Front End Web Developer

The Startum Project

I completed my Diploma in Front End Web Development at Friends of Design in 2014. I freelanced part time while building up my portfolio.

December 2015 – Current

Full-Time Front End Web Developer

The Startum Project

I have had the wonderful opportunity to create a variety of websites, mostly WordPress sites, since going Full Time as a freelancer. Have a look at my portfolio for my latest projects.

August 2016 – Current

Beginner WordPress Workshop

Startum Project & CTFeds

I host a bi-monthly workshop for beginners looking to learn how to manage their WordPress site. No developer experience required!

October 2016 – Current

WordPress & PHP Lecturer

Friends Of Design

I lecture the Full Time Web Tech WordPress & PHP module at Friends of Design as well as the evening Part-Time Courses for WordPress & PHP



Graphic Design

Intec College


Front End Web Development

Friends Of Design

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Pic Mel

Melanie Lambrechts

Graphic Designer

I’ve worked with Deb on several Digital Analytics and Web Development projects. It’s an absolute pleasure working with her. Her attention to detail and time management is fantastic.



Stephen Barnett

Front-End Developer

I worked with Deb on a rebuild of the WordPress-powered web site for a local NGO, Rape Crisis. She was in charge of the PHP side of things for the Theme template files, and setting up the data structure for areas of the site that use Custom Fields to extend the core functionality. She was eager to learn the things that she didn’t already know, and quick to implement the things that she did. The end result of the project was a much faster and lighter site for their users, and a more flexible, but robust, way of updating the site for Rape Crisis staff.

My Portfolio

Dr Delano

TGS Concepts

Tracy & Wendys Big Day

Tomlinson Optometrist


Life Seekers

Scar Hair

Upstart Office


Conn Bertish

Rape Crisis


Beatrice Witjes


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Email: deb@startumproject.co.za

Phone: +27796253218

Skype: startumproject


Welcome to the very first Intro To WordPress Workshop!



In these pages you will find various bits of information to help you build and maintain a basic WordPress site. At the end of each page there is a exercise to practise what you’ve just learnt.

A few things before we get started:

  1. Please make sure you have a name badge – if you’re like me and can’t remember names, this will make your time here so much easier.
  2. Surrounding you are 3 awesome dev peeps (Steve, Justin & myself – Deb) who are here to help you with any questions you might have. Stuck? Shout! (or gentle raise your hand and wave).
  3. You’ve been put into groups of 5 (Oh no why?) – this is to make it easier for you to figure things out, get to know each other and discuss WordPress thing-a-ma-jiggies together.
  4. There are post-it notes and pens on the tables, if you have any WordPress questions, please put them on a post-it and stick it on the designated area. We will try and answer these during the course of the next few hours.
  5. There is another designated area for more post-it notes, if you enjoyed this workshop and would like to attend another, please write on a post-it what else you would like to learn, and perhaps we can add it to the next workshop.

Okay thats it, have fun!

Lets Go!